Konrad care is a collective of passionate botanists and leading biochemists operating at the intersection of traditional medicine and modern-day science.

We have spent years exploring and perfecting pioneering techniques that unite ancient wisdom with cutting-edge biotechnology. Continuously striving towards our goal: to improve your health and well-being.

Today, we are proud to present our collection of innovative remedies. Remedies that support a healthy mind and body and that demonstrate the power of this union between traditional medicine and modern-day science.

A new way to benefit

Our Swiss-patented biotech process has been designed to achieve the best results in the fastest time possible. By preserving the plant’s natural properties, you can enjoy all the benefits as nature intended, without the addition of any toxic or harmful substances.

But not only that, our exclusive nano-drops are extremely potent too. The size of the particles obtained by this type of microemulsion offers almost immediate bioavailability, meaning the rate and extent at which the active ingredients reach their intended biological target. While other solutions may take hours to take effect, our botanicals make an impact in a matter of minutes.

Our botanical drops are more than just a supplement. They are sensorial rituals intended to elevate everyday life. Rituals tailored to your own specific needs. We believe dosing is an artform and encourage you to find your own routine, in balance with your metabolism, natural cycles and even the season, to help boost your health and happiness, day in, day out.

Biotech expertise

Based in Rolle, Switzerland, our laboratory is continuously researching and developing new ways to catalyze the healing benefits of our ingredients. Thanks to our cutting-edge biotech expertise, we ensure the utmost purity, concentration and efficacy of our formulas.

And this starts at the very beginning with the extraction of raw materials. We have perfected the journey from biomass to nano-emulsion, through maceration, filtration and the final phase of producing highly potent products. All while preserving the plant’s beneficial properties without adding a single toxic ingredient.

The result is a state-of-the-art nano-emulsion. Nano-drops boast a longer shelf life than other dosage forms, maintaining the potency and quality of the ingredients for longer. They benefit from advanced organoleptic properties, which helps to enhance their appeal and ease of consumption. They improve absorption and uptake significantly within the body. And they offer an unrivalled level of bioavailability, providing powerful effects almost instantaneously.


100% natural ingredients sourced
with care and transparency.


Full spectrum extraction and
filtration process.


150-250 nm particles for augmented preservation of active ingredients.


Optimal cell penetration delivering
stronger and fast-acting benefits.


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