What makes our nano-emulsions so efficient?

Our journey towards nanoemulsion begins with extraction. Once the dry biomass, in the raw form or powder, goes through the maceration phase only with water or alcohol without any chemical solvent, and then with successive filtrations till 2n: the result is a natural extract of the utmost purity.

The second stage focuses on obtaining an oily medium from the extract and MCT. And then we can achieve an optimal microemulsion. Thanks to a 100% natural emulsifier derived from the bark of tropical wood and a process that involves ultrasound first and then a mechanical process to obtain a mono-dispersed/mono-distributed and totally homogenous solution.

This means that every single molecule and subsequent dose contains the exact same concentration of the active ingredient.

Aside from guaranteeing consistency, this process also preserves all natural properties of the plants and eliminates the need to add any toxic ingredients. Microemulsions boast a longer shelf life than other dosage forms, maintaining the potency and quality of the ingredients for longer. They dramatically improve absorption and uptake within the body, and have enhanced organoleptic properties too, increasing their appeal and ease of consumption.

But arguably the biggest game-changer of nanoemulsions is their level of bioavailability. The size of the particles obtained by this type of microemulsion provides an almost immediate bioavailability, that is, the rate and extent of which the active ingredients reach their intended biological target. And this happens in a matter of minutes, as opposed to the hours that are often required for alternative oil solutions to become assimilated. This elevated efficacy safeguards the quality and potency of the ingredients while delivering fast-acting effects. 

Our experts work hard to ensure every product we develop is of exceptional quality. By fusing innovative science with traditional medicine, we harness the power of nature to heal, rejuvenate and energize, to bring balance, well-being and harmony to our customers.   


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